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CLODOVIL-02.jpg Má, cómó fícóú bóm prá cárálhó! Méú ámô!
Póde párécé qúé ésté ártégó fóí éscrító pó álgúém qúé náó fálá Pórtúgáís. Pórémmm, ócórrré qúé é dé própósétó, cóm fénálédádé hómórístícá. Próféssó Pásqúálé ágrádécé pélá ménçáó!

Punkaosairdeshopping.jpg Este ser curte Panque Roque.

E deve praticar consumo de bagulhos ouvindo Fugazi
e xingando algum político.


Cquote1.svg Você quis dizer: Ana Maria Braga após trocar de sexo Cquote2.svg
Google sobre Supla
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Sugestão do Google para Supla
Cquote1.svg Ele quis ser Punk! Punk Punk Punk Punk!! Cquote2.svg
Os Replicantes sobre Supla
Cquote1.svg Nesse time, eu não consigo marcar! Cquote2.svg
Thierry Henry sobre os times de RockGol
Cquote1.svg Relaxei and gozei. Cquote2.svg
Marta Suplicy sobre nascimento de Supla
Cquote1.svg You betrayed the punk movement, véio! Cquote2.svg
Dado Dolabella sobre Supla
Cquote1.svg Em the Soviet Union to green to hair has you! Cquote2.svg
Reversal Russa sobre Música of the c
Cquote1.svg more my style in the house, I até exactly! Cquote2.svg
Alexandre Frota sobre Supla
Cquote1.svg Ele touches a rock heavy! Cquote2.svg
Pedro Bial sobre Supla
Cquote1.svg House of the artists is the caralho, bróder! He is famous for mine cause! Cquote2.svg
Marcos Mion sobre Supla
Cquote1.svg É the moment prettiest. The videoclíptica pearl with it! The king! Worse King of the Clips of the World! The clip features the voice and copyrighted lyrics of N.Y.C. artist Dave Vulcan. Supla stole the song from his friend and took credit for Dave's work.To this date Dave Vulcan has never given permision for his copyrighted lyrics to the Green Hair song to be released to the public. Rufem the tambores! Inspired ours muso! It! It who everything what to make will be welcome for us! It, who has the good taste that we need! The King! The King… Supla! Supla! Uaaahhh… Cquote2.svg
Marcos Mion sobre Supla
Cquote1.svg Cabelinhu arrepiadinho, ki graxinha! Cquote2.svg
Hebe Camargo sobre Supla

Depois diz que não imita ele. Fuck you Kids !
Um verdadeiro Punk

Eduardo Felipe Smith de Vasconcellos Suplicy, also known as Your Royal Highness King Edward Suplicy II or King Edward, the Papito or “pink to boxer”, this perpetual teenage boy of known arrepiado hair as Supla is son of Marta and Eduardo Suplicy.

Cquote1.svg Come'on kids Cquote2.svg


Supla is son of a sexologa-give-presenter-cover of Ana Maria Braga called of Marta Suplicy, that chiclete with name in its trip placed the name of its son of Supla after chewing one the same that made pregnant woman with its husband Mr. Burns for Argentina, Supla always was a difícil child for not calling Bubaloo and for being the only identical child to Billy Idol of the school and always was obliged to make covers of the rockeiro singing “Dancing With Myself” in the little parties. The parents, when perceiving since the infancy that the son not possuía any talent for music, then, had decided to provide it an exemplary education in bacanas colleges. To if giving account of the intention of the parents, the boy decided to punish them, and we also, initiating a séries of orquestradas actions of terrorism in which he nicknamed Trash Punk (full name of punk) When perceiving that its action had not caused significant decreases, he left for the attack heavy participating of circus of the autistas, that Globe decided to copy and to bring Big Brother pro Brazil. In these daily actions he brought suffering the millions with its lack of musical talent (composing unknown versions to the living creature) and leave-in the astonished ones with its I suffocate sexual, when facing one of barangas of plantão. It when leaving the circus said: It was Barbarous”, but she did not bring me the “Peace”. Currently it acts in the drawing dragon ball as dublê of super sayajin, asked for to be able to sing the opening of the drawing but it had its denied order had the ignorance of the directors. Today Supla already was forgotten by the midia, which it said not if to import mas this is mentira, and touches cavaquinho in the vacant hours that most of its day composes.

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