Origem: Desciclopédia, a enciclopédia livre de conteúdo.
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Ingrês "Esngrish"
Falado em: Brazil, Miami
Total de falantes: mais de 8 mil
Classificação genética: Latim
Inglês Antigo

Ingrês (após ter um caso com o português e o japonês)


One example of ingrêis being applicated.
Estes analfabetos não sabem falar nem portugês direito, nem inglês.
Uma boa ideia falar pro garçom.

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Ingrêis or Engrish is the version in English of the idiom faladed per brazilians and japaneses, his origin commence in school quand the people no sab fallar, but fallam how this same. It is one pouk difficult of understand, but quand the person acostumate ficka easy. Algums people of the desciclopédia can train your articles in Engrish escriving in the Uncyclopedia, the desciclopédia in English of States Uniteds of the America.

No esqueeze that the R in Engrish is pronuncied igual ao R of the interior of São Paulo. (Obs: The soultack of Rio de Janeiro can only speak Frenche, pour this cariocas no speak very well)

The curse basic of Engrish consists in tree levels:

  • Easiy
  • Médium
  • Rarde

The level easy is the more easy of all. You can falate phrases simples for exemplo "Good day", "Good afternon" and "Good nigth". And pod relationate coma people pergunting "What your name is?" or "That hour is?". For the end, you pod fallar par your frends key you no die of fome in one country key speak Engrish.

The level medium is for people key no are retarded mental and ker fick best in your Engrish, aprehending the verbs in past and future for best comuniquêishon with others persons. Phrases comma: "He comed biscuit" or "You haved one câncer" are used por persons nesse level.

The countries that spek engrish are the grey. The green are problably analphabets.

The level harde is for the more intelligente people that is in one country that fale Engrish how Ingland, US and A, Canada, Australia and Argentina. In this level you aprehend a conmmunicate much best com persons that speak Engrish, how George Bush with very exit.

In Engrish not have false cognate, which is a very ruim thing of outhers lenguagens, for exemple:

  • lunch is lanche
  • push is puxar
  • pull is pular
  • legend is legenda
  • asshole is acerola
  • assist is assistir
  • balcony is balcão
  • college is colégio
  • factory is fator
  • behind that door is berrando de dor
  • tax is taxi
  • cab is cabo
  • mayor is maior
  • lybrary is livraria
  • aprehend is aprender
  • botton is butão
  • coo is ânus (coloquial)
  • page is pajé
  • ipod is aí pode
  • can't is quente
  • cute is corte
  • barbecue is barba e coo (or barbie girl, daypend of the sex of you)
  • fabric is fábrica
  • traffic is tráfico
  • road is roda
  • lay is lei
  • gross is grosso
  • paint is pente
  • fart is farto
  • fat is feto
  • mood is mudar
  • arm is arma
  • shake is sheike(the king of the asiatic people)
  • why is uai (more usad in interior)
  • armor is amor
  • mouse is musse
  • boob is bobo
  • shunt is chute
  • helmet is realmente
  • body is bode
  • suck is suco
  • tea is tia
  • track is treco
  • feed is fede
  • book is boque (of floures)
  • meal is mil
  • fuck is foco
  • pass is pés

Speaking Ingrês is a lenguage which require much practice of its speakers. Mesmo some people think it is very easy for persons to speakar, it is not easy coma apparent. De fact, persons need to study in school public the life entire para no the end alcansate one elevated stage of conversation.

E non eskcer, All your base are belong to us or Aul iór beise ári bilongui two us.


A lot Brazilers speak Macarronic Ingrish (as known como spaghetti Ingrish) (or seria Pasta Ingrish?), because the soultack american is very harde of be speaked. Quand the peoples speak in the Brazil, normalmently the people speak coma the respective brazilian regiounal soultack. In Ingland, the soultack is very difficult two, because algums worlds are confuseing. Para poder speak the corret soultack you need to fazer a Ingrish curso.


Uords of Lula to Bush.


Mas a manter um real, Bush (o kilo de farinha tá caro)

Brasileiros leste um passe e me enganar(enganando os brasileiros...)

Não se paga ela, todos os rostos, SP começar andar vaca vi, MAC automóveis.(fica pagando puta sem ver o rosto andando de vaca em SP do q MAC automóveis)

No e-mail teen lo matar o carro do joelho(tem que matar o carro do joelho no e-mail:HOMICÍDIO)

Coloque a grelha baixa, com P CISOR aqui(colocar a grelha baixa e cortar a carne)

Não é a chave, consulte o sapato (a chave da casa branca está no sapato)

Ver nenhum alimento Ishes também fazer( a mulher dele não sabe cozinhar)

Now we go mostrate per you the pronunciation of the worlds of Engrish Linguate. Let's goal to pronuncieixon!

  • Youtube - Iutuibi, or Uitubui, or Tubitui, etc. (the possibilitys son infinites)
  • Neighborhood - Noboderogode (or Neibor rudhi)
  • Whatsoever - Volkswagen
  • Nevertheless - Névereseteres
  • Unfortunately - Infortunêitelí
  • Messenger (MSN) - Massagem
  • School - Iscúl
  • Everything - Éveritingui
  • Frighten - Frítas
  • Trouble - Trabaliu (with an acentu circleflexu on the segund "a")
  • Easygoing - Isogoingú
  • Walktrough - uakupurutru
  • Interesting - Intestino (sêija careful: Delgated or Large Intestino)
  • Between - Botina
  • Retribution - Retry Button (Holy button dos Videogames)
  • Innocent - No-Acentu
  • Wednesday - Ê nenê day
  • Nowadays - Náuadêis
  • Homerun - Rosbife
  • Careful - Carrefour

Some exemples of important frases[editar]

  • Funk You - Much usaded in discutions, is a gieria term, or be, a big word.
  • I don't speak Engrish - When you don't sabe to speakar Engrish you diz this.
  • The books is on the table - To fingir that you speaka Engrish.
  • I like bread - To push assunts
  • I am of Brazil - To say where you are of

Exemple of engrish music[editar]

Mooney, que é good e nóis num have Se nóis hevesse nóis num tava aqui workando O nosso work é pleyá

This is one coo[editar]

You havy tiu kinow spiik ingrish tiu saber q everinting ai uill say here is a fuckin crazy nothing and you are gay and ai m espeto e tudo q esta sendo sayando aqui iu probabiliti not understand andthen ai uill say q you are a foolish tiu read that so GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE BITCH...

Speakers conhecidables of Ingrês[editar]

Esse cursinho de inglês online...


  • YEAR: Deixar partir: ela teve que YEAR.
  • EYE: Interjeição de dor: EYE que dor de cabeça!
  • HIM: Órgão: Eye que dor no HIM!
  • CREAM: Roubar, matar, etc.: ele cometeu um CREAM.
  • PAINT: Objeto: me empresta o seu PAINT?
  • FAIL: Oposto de bonito: ele e FAIL.
  • RIVER: Pior que FAIL: ele é O RIVER.
  • TO SEE: Onomatopéia que representa tosse: Acho que vou TO SEE!
  • CAN'T: Oposto de frio: a água esta CAN'T.
  • MORNING: Nem CAN'T, nem frio: a água esta MORNING.
  • WINDOW: Usado em despedidas: Bom, já vou WINDOW!
  • HAIR: Marcha de carro: ele engatou a HAIR.
  • MAY GO: Pessoal dócil: ele e tão MAY GO.
  • YOU: Expressão de curiosidade: YOU seu irmão, como vai?
  • FRENCH: Dianteira: sai da FRENCH, por favor.
  • HAND: Entregar, dar por vencido: você se HAND?
  • FEEL: Barbante: me da um pedaço desse FEEL para eu amarrar aqui.
  • BAT: Bater: Me BAT, eu te bato também.
  • Miley Cyrus: Ai canti bi taimedi, i canti canti be tamedi, i canti be jânge.

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